Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slowly Unpacking!

 This layout was made by Melissa Robinson. She sweetly made these for our team.  I added the pictures.

I got home early weds morning Texas time!!  
12:00 AM but I am still on Pacific Standard time which makes it hard when you are trying to un pack & watch a sweet little baby in the morning! I had to then organize a open house for Friday night but I did it!!  My sweet husband helped with the party snacks on Friday night :) I sent him for cheese and 2 bottles of wine.  He met up with the cheese connoisseur at market street so we ended up with some fabulous blueberry cheddar 
and some apricot something and brie. 
 The week has caught up with me but everything went smoothly now I am ready to start using my cricut with my new Art philosophy cartridge and make some more Roxie layouts!  My open house was so FUN!!  
And I loved sharing all the new products with my friends!  Hope everyone has a great week and I am posting some of my layouts from convention!