Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Studio J

Hi I wanted to share a little find.... yep I found Studio J last night and while I have had the Stampin UP! version on my computer for over 4 years I opened it once and shut it and thought this in NOT for me!!

  Last night I called Cherri and said I am so tired of all this Studio J stuff WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL!!!  

So I got on my Studio J membership through Close to my Heart... yep I bought it in March and never opened it.  

I am addicted to scrapbook paper!!!

I couldn't possibly be a digital scrapbooker....
 well I AM WRONG!!!

I stayed up all night well that is normal for me.....usually well last night I was exhausted by 10 PM (i was ready for bed!) 

so I thought I wonder if all those pictures loaded from earlier in the day?? 
 Oh I am addicted to my digital Cannon Rebel too  LOL!!  

SO I loaded like 150 pictures for a layout! You don't know which one you'll need right?  HA!!! 

SO anyways I absolutely LOVE it! 
 Studio J has all the paper patterns some new some old some exclusive!!  
I love the layout choices you just drop your pictures in the layout and no extra work is really needed.  SUPER EASY!!

After I figure out how to share them with you I will :)  
 My layouts are plain with color and pictures because when I get them home I will bling them out with real accessories! 

 I love all the choices super fun but I want add my special touch to it too!   
Just wanted to share my new joy!!  

Although I am a paper hoarder this will be a fun way to do layouts once in awhile I am not giving up my mono adhesive yet lol!!

Have a super week it's almost friday and if you haven't tried Studio J I do recommend it although I understand not wanting to it took me a lot of years to finally try it!

Tawnya Payton

OH and BTW here are my layouts I figured out how to add them.  When I get them I will show you again what they look like with my personal touch!!  :) enjoy! 

If you are interested in Studio J please let me know and I can help you set this up!  So click on my shopping cart and purchase a membership with exclusive privileges!